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 Bathtub Refinishing Avondale

Bathtub refinishing Avondale probably You want to a completely new look that is spectacular, eco-friendly and inexpensive? Try refinishing, resurfacing, refacing or reglazing really is the same job in different words i forget to tell you I’m working in ScottsdaleScottsdale too. Resurfacing your Tub or Shower is definitely an amazingly wonderful, yet affordable replacement for replacing with a new bathtub or shower. Bathtub refinishing Avondale, AZ Resurfacing can also repair bathtubs and showers, taking away scratches, cracks, or weak bathtub floors. Not only will a quick, affordable repair make your bathroom beautiful again, it’s going to stop leaks that could eventually damage your home’s walls and floors.

Low price certified bathtub refinishing Avondale


Fast and economical Bathroom Renovations

Concerning renovating your bathroom, the cost can quickly add up to other companies that want you to replace your tub, counters, cabinets, and everything else in your bathroom. But here at Bathtub refinishing Avondale, AZ  Kitchen and Bath refinishing Avondale, we’re one of the premier bathtub refinishers in Phoenix and Scottsdale and specialize in renovating bathrooms so that they look amazing at a fraction of the cost.

Tub Reglazing

If you’re having any surface problems with your tub or shower, call us for a free estimate. If your tub has small scratches or cracks, it can lead to leaks which can cause serious structural problems for your home, water damage, and lead to the growth of dangerous types of mold. The good news is that we can quickly and completely repair surface scratches and scratches with a tub reglazing. This is also great if your tub has grown dull with age and you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to make it look brand new again.

Bathtub refinishing Avondale is about looking nice the bathtub for less

If you’re not worried about cracks but are simply updating your bathroom and want to choose a different color for your tub, then don’t worry. We have a number of different colors of finish to choose from that are sure to match your needs and design dreams, though our most popular is Pure White High Gloss.

Most tub refinishing and reglazing projects only take up to 3 hours to complete, and the glaze just needs 48 hours to completely set, so you can get back to using your tub fast. The trained Arizona bathtub resurfacing technicians take great care to tape and tarp the area to avoid contact with furniture, and set up an air mover to guide most of the related fumes outside the house. Next, the prep work begins on the tub or shower, repairs are made, and any unsightly caulking is removed.

Pull up the  hardware to Clean

We pull hardware to provide the best possible results – or if you want, we can coat around your hardware providing a nice clean edge. Next, the tub or shower is cleaned with lacquer thinner, and every square inch in sanded or acid etching is applied depending upon the material of your tub or shower. Next, the surface is cleaned again with lacquer thinner and re caulked where needed. Finally, three coats of finish are applied. Then we carefully clean and put your home back exactly the way we found it – except your bath, tub and /or shower are now gleaming and beautiful!

Bathtub Repairs

Bathtub refinishing Avondale, Litchfield Park, El Mirage, AZ Resurfacing Technicians are highly skilled at bathtub repair, and can repair even the worst looking surfaces such as screw holes to the size of a baseball! Any size cracks, chips, hairline cracks on tile, cover up mildew and grout, burn marks…we can fix it all as if it never happened.

Our tub repair technicians can repair any sized hole or crack in a day to prevent serious leakage from continuing. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can come and take care of the problem. Our contractors will make sure that the hole or crack is filled in and then will reglaze the tub to seal the repair and get your tub back to looking like it did before.


Bouncing Tub Floors

Bathtub refinishing Avondale, AZ repairs “bouncing” tub floors that occur due to a lack of support in your tub, Over time, this bouncing will cause your tub to crack, causing big problems and water damage if left unrepaired. Bathtub refinishing Avondale, AZ has a specialized foam application that is injected inside the tub to provide support. To do this, we drill several holes in the tub and very carefully and evenly inject the foam. This process needs to be done by a trained professional. This process is something only a trained professional should do because it involves drilling into the floor of the tub, filling it with an injectable foam which hardens like concrete, and then filling in the holes. With this type of repair, we offer a lifetime warranty that your tub will never crack again.


Services Refinishing Avondale AZ

Services in Avondale

  • Bathtub Repair Refinishing
  • Clawfoot Tub Restorations
  • Tub Drain Replacement
  • Tub Rust Damage Repair
  • Bathtub & Tile Chip Repair


  • Bathtub 250
  • Surround 200
  • Tub and Surround 350
  • Shower Stall  215-425
  • Sink  95-150
  • Bath Countertop 95-150
  • Tub/Counter  200