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Bathtub refinishing  El Mirage

Bathtub refinishing  El Mirage is bathtub refinishing in the El Mirage Arizona area doing countertops, bathtub, claw-foot,  we all do sinks in El  Mirage, .. why not refinish besides replacing the price is much less expensive for Bathtub refinishing  El Mirage homeowners, Reglaze, refinishing bathtub and countertop , we’re a qualified refinishing business company.

And you still get quality work and the professional job was done.

Bathtub refinishing  El Mirage Realtors

Bathtub refinishing to help the home owners Countertops and bathtubs your listings will appraise thousands of dollars higher. New finishes in the kitchen and bath will also sell a house faster and for a higher dollar amount in El Mirage.

“Don’t Replace it Renew it”

Fixing everything Bathtub refinishing  EL Mirage

EL Mirage Homeowners Associations

Are you tired of having outdated and worn-out countertops? We are able to repair and refinish the counters so they look just like granite. We have now many colors to choose from. we could also refinish your bathtubs, surrounds, and shower stalls to look like new.

Services in EL Mirage

  • Bathtub Repair Refinishing
  • Clawfoot Tub Restorations
  • Tub Drain Replacement
  • Tub Rust Damage Repair
  • Bathtub & Tile Chip Repair
  • Bathtub Refinishing EL Mirage Prices

Low Price 

Rental Property Owners in El Mirage AZ

We have been told through the apartment managers that we work for that their apartments rent much quicker when the counters and bathtubs

have been refinished and look the most beautiful. Don’t lose a month’s rent because your units look tired and dingy.

Have your countertops and bathtubs looking their best. Bathtub and Tile refinishing and reglazing will be the cheapest method to change a bathtub or full bath room for just a small fraction of the bathroom remodeling. If we examine the average price for any tiny bathroom remodEL ing project that is involving $ 8,000 to $ 25,000 to reglazing services that start as low as $ 300 to $ 550 for only a typical dimension bathtub and up to $ 1,200 for a whole modest bathroom the price difference is huge. As you can see here the savings could be in the thousands.

Bathtub refinishing  El Mirage phoenix arizona bathtub refinishing

Why is bathtub refinishing  El Mirage AZ  We have low pricing?

We don’t have overhead expenses like; an EL elegant business office, brand new cars, salesmen, or subcontractors. We’re an Owner operator certified and licensed that do the job just the bathtub and tile refinishing/reglazing EL Mirage.

Bathtub refinishing EL Mirage is doing it by Professional bathtub refinisher, just we provide the best Bathtub refinishing EL Mirage, service and reglazing will save you a homeowner a big time period and your money because of their existing tub will not need to be removed.

Removal the bathtub is high-priced bathtub refinishing EL Mirage, help p to save thousands of dollars, generally, requires work to be done to the floor beneath it or the walls next to it, and the exact same replacement tub is often unavailable, requiring changes in a structure in the bathroom. A lot of these changes will most like be prohibitively expensive,  However, reglazing a bathtub is fast and will alleviate all of such issues. To find out for yourself please develop links below now.

Bathtub refinishing School Certified

Removal a bathtub refinishing EL Mirage, usually requires work to be done to the floor beneath it or the walls next to it, and the exact same replacement tub is often unavailable, requiring changes in a structure in the bathroom.

These types of changes will probably be prohibitive y costly. However, reglazing a bathtub is fast and can reduce every one of such troubles. To find out for yourself please developer links.

Don’t Replace, Refinish!

We remove protect and remove everything from the bathtub and all surrounding bathroom supplies.
Turn on your bathroom fan or open all windows. If you do not have a fan or windows, throw in some fans and leave them on throughout the process.
Time to prep and clean the bathtub. Use an industrial bathtub cleaner to thoroughly clean the tub. I recommend going over the entire tub at least three times. You can rinse off with water in between each clean and use sandpaper for tougher stains.
Dry the tub (a hair dryer comes in handy).
At this time, some reglazing projects call for a hydrofluoric acid rinse. If you choose to use hydrofluoric acid for your refinishing project, make sure you let is stand for 10-15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse the tub with cold water.
Dry the tub.
Using the masking tape, cover all tub edges as well as the plumbing including the cap, spout, handles, showerhead and toilet if close by.
Cover the walls of the shower with your masking paper.
Take your reglazing materials, be it an epoxy, paint or a spray bottle, and mix well. If you are using a can, shake it for 60 seconds.
Take your spray or paint, and slowly move in one direction across the tub.
For painting, go slowly and always move in one direction.
Paint on a few thin coats, waiting for at least 30 minutes between each coat (read the instructions to see how long to wait).
For spraying, try to spray in one direction.
Apply a few thin coats, waiting for at least 15 minutes between each coat (read the instructions to see how long to wait).
Let the tub sit without removing any tape for 24 Hours.
Remove all tape and coverings (slowly).